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Andy Warhol

Paintings from the 1970's

Andy Warhol


9 x 10 inches. (22.86 x 25.4 cm)
60 pages. 35 color/3 black and white reproductions. Clothbound.
Publication date: 8/31/2012
ISBN: 978-1-61623-723-3
Retail Price: $30 USD

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition Andy Warhol: Paintings from the 1970s, this catalogue includes full plates, installation views, details, archival images, and an essay by scholar and curator Trevor Fairbrother titled “Ta Excelsior: Warhol Painting in the Seventies.” 

This exhibition and catalogue highlight Warhol’s Oxidations, Shadows, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mao, and Russel Means. “Warhol wanted a mist of confusion – a radiant state of open-endedness – to waft about all his activities. In fact, I think he conceived of that mist (or miasma!) in a fit of drollery. In the 1970s and depictions of Mao Zedong and the series devoted to drag queens were arguably the most jazzed up and illustrious instances of his drive to make his picture be simultaneously elusive, aggressive, puzzling, over-the-top, poignant, savvy and delicious” (Trevor Fairbrother).

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